Dove Patches launch

Dove Patches launch

Dove: Patches from Dove Pakistan on Vimeo.

Hello Readers
I have very strong Dove Patches Video for you guys today most of you must have seen it.
basically is Dove’s latest add campaign in which six women have been
asked to wear Dove’s Beauty Patch on their bodies on daily basis for 12
hours. The patch is suppose to make these women feel beautiful and
confident. To get the complete idea you need to watch the video in my opinion the end sends very empowering message to all the women  out there.  In the end it was revealed that the patch was nothing but a sticker and women actually realized that
The Beauty is the state of Mind


I would love to know your opinions? I think this video really increase the self esteem of women. What’s your take on it? Do you think this video is hypocritical?


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