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Lux Style Awards Scavenger Hunt

Lux Style Awards Scavenger Hunt
Lux Style Awards Scavenger Hunt

Lux Style Awards Scavenger Hunt


I’m a 26 year old and I had never seen any Pakistani
movie more than a couple of times in my lifetime until these days. We were born
in the era when the only thing we had
from Pakistani media were songs by Shahzad Roy, Ali Haider and some otherbest singers
to date which we used to listen on ‘tape recorders.’ Eventually, when we
started to grow up, we were totally swamped by Indian media ‘Bollywood’ due to
its convivial music and dance and then later by ‘Hollywood.’ Never even once,
Pakistani Media did get a chance to have its spell on the teenagers of that


when I see teenagers talk about Pakistani actors and actresses, how they love
what ‘Urwa and Mawra’ wear to the shows and award programs, all fascinated and
glamorized by the fashion and style that has splayed all over Pakistani
Industry, I wonder how different things have been since then. It’s a spell that
we only heard from our parents when they used to tell us about Nadeem and
Mohammad Ali and their movies. It’s the same spell reviving all again and Lux
Style Awards (formally called LSA from now on) has done a major part in rising
a sinking industry tothetides where a full-fledged schooner is sailing through its
highs and lows.



before, style, fashion and talent were so admired in Pakistan. Not even during
those Nadeem and Waheed Murad’s time. LSA has not only appraised human
endeavour but also helped to bring the hidden talent on its summit. This year
as seen on all the billboards around the Country and on social media, Mahira
Khan and Fawad Khan, in an outmost manner, invite us to seize the chance to
attend and watch LSA live with them by answering a question they would ask, who
knows what that would be. Mahira and Fawad have been Industry’s two brightest
stars that not only Pakistan knows but the whole world who has watched their
dramas and films even with the subtitles ever. They have bestowed a whole new
level to our media and industry through their effusive and subtle play.
Pakistani women would walk miles to see a glimpse of Fawad and men would throw
their hearts to see Mahira on even a theater screen. It’s worth taking a
chance, yeah? All you need to do is answer, no walking miles, no throwing

Lux Style Awards
has now emerged as a rescuer of Pakistan Media steering this sailing
schooner.  With its reaching a world
class level, it is no farther from competing with the International Award
Events such as Cannes or Grammy’s. This would never be an overstatement! Our
fashion director has been particularly keen in knowing who would be awarded as the
most stylist person for the year 2015 and the rest of our team is waiting in
anticipation for who would be hosting LSA this year. Above all, we all are
excited to see our rising stars live no matter whoever wins or hosts. What
better chance to see Fawad and Mahira in live than this?

about other rising talent, we are so proud to see that the Nation has got
plethora of young men and women who have shaped the whole industry in their own
impeccable way at which the world gapes in awe. Our Coke Studio has its spell
on Indian boys and girls and on the rest of the world. Our models and TV
artists are crossing boundaries and going far beyond we ever envisaged. All
this, undoubtedly, has its credit due to LSA for reviving avant-garde industry
once again and giving a platform where the whole world can acknowledge and
appraise Pakistani talent. So now is the time to mark our calendars and spot on
to answer what these two stalwarts have to ask. We are as excited as you and
want to escape no chance to attend the event and see them live.
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