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Pepsi and Pakistan have been two intertwining words that we have heard with various slogans over the years such as, ‘yeh dil maange more’, ‘duniya hai dilwalon ki’ and many more. It has always come up with some local touch that made us excited through the cricket matches, football tournaments, music festival or just like that. And now just so creatively, it has wowed us with Emojis on its cans and bottles that have a unique emphatic touch for us. Just in case you have missed to see how #PepsiCanada rocked it up, here is how you still don’t miss:



We love how Pepsi has come up with #SayItWithPepsi to intercede between two figures, be friends, lovers or siblings. Imagine how two nerds could feel on their final exams and express it to the world via Pepsi or how would you say to your friend via a bottle of soft drink that ‘let’s go and beach around CI7URhWUcAAjMbh or Hey! It’s a BBQ time’?  CKsmuZRUAAAL4w- So it’s time that we express and start sharing our feelings via the emojis we use all the time. We don’t mean that your words don’t carry the weightage any more but what we mean is that when your words are backed up by your emojis, they carry an extra oomph. Why not make it special for someone you love! Why not give your feast a personal touch making your food a hallmark of love! So make sure you don’t miss to #emojize one of your stories through a Pepsi can or bottle, be it a love story or some party vibes. Let’s give a new slogan to Pepsi Pakistan with #SayitWithPepsi which has won our hearts yet once again. We got a sneak-peak on Emojis from Pepsi Pakistan 0on #WorldEmojiDay across all social media platforms. We can’t wait for Pepsi to bring the same excitement home. See where the #PepsiEmoji story began:




So Pakistan is all arms open for Pepsi emojis and we can’t wait to share the quirky bottles with our loved ones. So yeah #sayitwithpepsi

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