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Bridal Shower by Sweet Touch


I never would have thought that the Bridal Shower can be that much fantastic and amazing. It was a Big Beautiful & Fancy organized by Sweet Touch England for the luckiest Bride to be, selected through the intense competition. In the start of November, Sweet Touch England organized a competition through which they offered one lucky bride the chance to win herself a fabulous bridal shower with a memorable day filled with tons of happiness, you can read all about it here.


Sana Sultan who won the competition and got amazed by Sweet Touch England as she never imagined that fabulous Bridal Shower. Beautiful invitation cards were printed and sent on behalf of Bride to her guests. It starts with the makeover for not only that lucky bride but also for the bride maids then a beautiful “Bride to be” sash was given to Sana Sultan. The venue was Orerry (already very famous for its decor and food) with Hi-Tea arrangements, and in the last a beautiful customized cake was served which was the best part of food arrangements.





Sweet Touch England picked out the Best Place, best decor, best food and best presents for the lucky Bride. In a nutshell I can say that Sweet Touch England has made Sana Sultan’s Bridal Shower a Fabulous and un-forgettable one. 

Thank you so much Sweet Touch England for the fantabulous bridal Shower.thank you so much to Gobananaz for awesome ambiance and Feminas Beauty Salon for make people made my day .

Posted by Sana Sultan on Tuesday, November 17, 2015


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