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Leading Malaysian fashion brand, Hidaya International introduces their new Fall/Winter 2015 collection of contemporary Abaya designs for the powerful, glamorous and beautiful women looking for traditional, timeless and interchangeable fashion pieces that set their own new trend in the fashion industry globally.


Initially launching straightforward abayas with lace trims and appliques for the Malaysian market, the brand is now aiming to meet the needs of the modest wear clientele globally, starting with the Middle East market.

According to designer, Hidayah Wan Ismail, it was necessary to start the journey with conventional styles for Malaysians, as they do not traditionally wear abayas. To attract them to the black robes meant that some embellishments were necessary and to appeal to the Arab region, she has added a little twist to the standard abaya to bring out the confidence and sensuality of the wearer.

Hidayah was inspired by the way women dressed in the 1930s during the economic downturn, which resonates with our present economic climate and how the economic situation is reflected in the way women dress. Frills and trims were reduced, cuts were more modest and the frivolity of the 1920s was replaced with practicality.

Hidayah adds, “I was particularly inspired by the suffragettes after reading about how these women drew strength from their frustrations and stepped out to fight for the right to vote. I researched the history of the earlier suffragettes and my search digressed towards how women throughout history made an impact in their lives.”

“I started imagining what it would be like to dress them. Like if Eleanor Roosevelt wore an abaya, what kind of abaya would she wear? And Angelina Jolie were to wear an abaya, what kind would she be attracted to?”

Hence the new collection is a mix of practical and simple with a slight touch of elegant glamour. It is an ensemble of full looks, the components of which are interchangeable and can be worn separately to celebrate individuality and reflect the wearer’s unique taste.

My favorite pieces in this collection have to be the Charlotte dress (named after Charlotte Bronte the poet) and the Keller abaya, named after Helen Keller.


Combining the culture and traditions of the Muslim world with forward looking international trends means each Abaya piece is designed to stand out and make a statement.

Hidaya International’s new collection is available on instagram @Hidaya_International

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