‘Matroshka’ by JULIA MILAN


Julia Milan launches the ‘Matroshka’ collections manifesting 2016 lucky colors that symbolizes good fortune and joy.

Julia Milan, the designer recently featured in many news publications including The National UAE for her timely and fabulous ‘Four Four’ collection launched few days before UAE’s 44th National Holiday and all sold out in just four days explains her new collection “I believe that charm and the right colours attracts happiness and happy people magnetises good fortune. The ‘Matroshka’ collection is inspired by the beautiful ladies of Russia who always embodies strong will, grace and exquisite appeal” the renowned designer added.

The Matryoshka collection is accrued with the dominating colours and hues of red, purple and pink, calmed and coalesced by heavenly white on a virtue of cotton with whimsical floral prints that everyone will fall in love and will be perfect for New Year’s Eve celebration, private events and for all throughout the year. The Matryoshka collection is just a limited collection available through here.



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