TONI AND GUY Hair Fashion Scout

Toni and GUy hiar fashion scout

Toni and GUy hiar fashion scout


Hair Fashion Scout at Fashion Pakistan Week 2015

Imran Abbas for Toni & Guy #FPW15

Imran Abbas for Toni & Guy #FPW15

The segment commences with Imran Abbas striding over the ramp with edgy cut and a unique style.


Punk hair, chic freeze and messy fish braids ignited the ramp. Suneeta Marshal was seen with a classic Audrey style hump while Syra Shahroz sizzled in hot fresh waves.


Their garbs were made to be edgy and dude style. An enormous range of flamboyant colors were observed with wide collars, ruffles and long jackets.

IMG-20151209-WA0007[1] IMG-20151209-WA0006[1]

Fouzia Aman turned the heat on with her ‘Eva Mendes’ looks and a chic off-shoulder jumpsuit paired with a glossy green jacket. Her hair was set to reflect that of an old glam. Sarwat Gilani wraps it up in a conspicuously dashing silk fur jacket and classic pants with 70’s hair tucked one side. Floral prints, blings and golds added to the hair a retro look that set the ramp on fire.

Toni&Guy nailed it with their fancy-hands-on hairstyle and novel cuts which became the hallmark of the night.

PC Sufyan Bin Habib Photography





IMG-20151209-WA0017 IMG-20151209-WA0018IMG-20151209-WA0022IMG-20151209-WA0023

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