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Iconic Versace Jewellery

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Iconic Versace Jewellery

The iconic jewellery pieces, revealed at the Atelier Versace show in Paris, represent the
ultimate expression of female power, provocation and strength.
Necklaces, bracelets and earrings of incredible elegance and lightness, with many
complex setting techniques used to create the volume, fluidity and energy of the new

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A unique brooch is centered by a 126ct chalcedony stone of great transparency and depth,
hand-sculpted with the face of the Medusa. Her hair is created from various shapes and
sizes of 25ct diamonds, using the most advanced setting and orientation techniques.
Pear-shaped diamonds cascade from the new necklaces interpret the freedom and
pleasure of a woman, with exuberant diamonds dripping from her skin like water.
A dramatic new brooch has a gemstone surrounded by yellow gold writhing snakes set
with orange, olive and cognac diamonds, on a bed of green tourmalines like exquisite
Bracelets and earrings with red rubies circle pure plissé lines of diamonds, remind the
shape of a fan or origami – classical, modern, evocative, understated.

SS16HC_Versace Jewelry_4610 SS16HC_Versace Jewelry_4805 SS16HC_Versace Jewelry_4964 SS16HC_Versace Jewelry_8473 SS16HC-VersaceJewelry-023

Drama, impossible beauty, fluidity, feminity – the exceptional new pieces from Atelier
Versace Jewelry.

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