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Generation’s “A dot that went for a Walk”

If in a room crammed full of people you hear whispers of how Khadija Rehman from Generation nailed the show, you wouldn’t be hearing wrong.
The fact that it was Khadija’s first collection might make you think that the brand is overrated, oh but it’s absolutely not.  This lady stole the show with her ‘ A dot that went for a walk’ collection. The collection was inspired by a quote….
…that’s right, a quote by Paul Klee ‘The line is a dot that went for a walk’ was strikingly delineated in the fashion of fabric wrapped around women.
Its okay, we are startled too. Who could have thought of that, right?

The collection would make you want to pre-order everything and fall in love with Summers. The term ‘VAST’ has been justified in too here.  As the day perceptibly fades into night, Khadija’s color scheme does too. Rising with hues of a limpet shell sky, it amalgamates shades of ivory and a muddled cloud grey while gradually transcending into darker shades.  The palette appends shades from vivid to enticing, noted of sunset pink, peach echo, turquoise snorkel blue all concluded at the heart-throbbing black.
Which of them could you not imagine yourself in?
None, right?
This brand has etched the term ‘entrancingly incomparable’ on the ramps of Fashion Pakistan Week 2016.  Women’s wear is generally loved but Generation Woman has the limelight to itself.  The line has valued the summer needs and cotton is the main fabric used. Although there is a very polished use of velvet and metallic tissue made too.  From drapes to kurtas, jama, shalwar and even the dupatta has been resurrected from the usual to the extraordinary.
We loved the way Khadija paired two colors to create perfection.
A collection that makes you wish you were modelling for its the WINNER collection
IMG-20160415-WA0019 IMG-20160415-WA0020 IMG-20160415-WA0021 IMG-20160415-WA0022 IMG-20160415-WA0023 IMG-20160415-WA0024 IMG-20160415-WA0025 IMG-20160415-WA0026 IMG-20160415-WA0027 IMG-20160415-WA0028 IMG-20160415-WA0029 IMG-20160415-WA0030 IMG-20160415-WA0031 IMG-20160415-WA0032 IMG-20160415-WA0033

IMG-20160415-WA0034 IMG-20160415-WA0035 IMG-20160415-WA0036 IMG-20160415-WA0037 IMG-20160415-WA0038 IMG-20160415-WA0039

Way to go Saad and Nosheen Rahman. We adore you for understanding the dire clothing need of Pakistan’s urban woman.
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