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Right amount of cloth, tranquil color scheme, top-notch fabric and astounding designs – you guessed it right, its FnKAsia.  Amir Adnan and Huma Adnan are on a roller coaster ride to success. The two big names of the industry have come up with yet another exciting and yummy Spring Summer collection.
Huma has flourishingly made known just what was needed, a trendy blend of soft palette, avant- grande designing and a much needed soft summer fabric.
It certainly doesn’t take us by surprise how Huma has struck it all, she always knows how to deal with a ball in her court. Splendid!

FnKAsia – what we all assuredly know as ‘FUNK ASIA’ has something in that name. A very well thought of targeting and placement strategy by the brand. They live up to it EVERY TIME.  Huma has showcased the color of the of the season – blue, along with sand pink and cool white perfectly. The cuts are just where they are needed, the prints soothe the sight and the use of tassels is remarkably handled.
It is intriguing to witness casual and formal wear ramped together, each dealt with details to accessories and footwear flawlessly well.
Huma has done a favor to humanity by reducing the need to carry pendants or chokers on her alluring collection. She has celestially designed the necklines with stones and beads that complement the entire attire. 
We particularly are head-over-heels about her black tunic with a deathly white embroidery, the flowy white pants with embroidered borders and that short cut pleated top that has mesmerized us wholly.
We declare investing in FnkAsia as SUPER SAFE!
Huma Adnan_41
The collection has it all, pants, skirts, elegant tops, pinks, blues and white.
The dreamy blue-brown combination has revived oh-so-many memories from the past, this is what we call ‘HISTORI-CHIC’.
IMG-20160409-WA0208 IMG-20160409-WA0209 IMG-20160409-WA0210 IMG-20160409-WA0211 IMG-20160409-WA0212
IMG-20160409-WA0190 IMG-20160409-WA0191 IMG-20160409-WA0192 IMG-20160409-WA0193 IMG-20160409-WA0194 IMG-20160409-WA0196
IMG-20160409-WA0216 IMG-20160409-WA0155
We wish this duo all the best, it is evident that FnKAsia will go a long way with these two amazing brains.
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