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Trend Alert – Oversized Eye-wear

Trend Alert - Oversized Eye-wear

Chloe Oversized Eye-Wear

“Behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes”.
Hey but now the men wont know because they cant see through these gorgeously big sunglasses! AHA!
Its interesting how accessories aren’t abandoned with the growth in fashion industry.
Whats a good dress without some breath-taking shades anyway?
The trend keeps evolving and now “BIG” is the new “COOL”.
Trend Alert - Oversized Eye-wear

MIU MIU Oversized Eye-wear

Guess the trendsetters had too many sun-bombed selfies.
We bring to your fashion knowledge these super chic big shades. A radius guaranteed to cover your eyes and your man’s heart.
         *The bigger the better*
The leading brands of eye-wear have launched these elegant beauties.
Prada, Chloe, Zac Posen, Matthew Williams and Dolce & Gabbana are the main leads.
Trend Alert - Oversized Eye-wear

Zac Posena and Mathew Williams eye wear

Trend Alert - Oversized Eye-wear


Prada Cinema Eye-wear has translated elegance in a contemporary way that cant go unnoticed. Prays maintains class and outshines the sun itself this time.
Their signature shapes remain constant with thicker frames that beautify almost everything. Perfect for summer coats and formal wears. Browns and blacks have been noticed as the most loved colors of Prada. This brand does justice to the pricing.
Where Prada takes care of your professional look, D&G has decided to cater to the needs of the fun-loving party person in you.
The handmade and hand-painted sunglasses by professional craftsmen are a major WOW of the town.
Now your pool parties have another attraction, your D&G shades!

A sudden confidence boost is ensured by picking up these intricately designed urbane sunglasses for your days.  The brighter-than-the-sun aspect is that these decoratively catchy debonair shades can be paired with summer dresses, the casual jeans-top combo or even with Sicilian Carts shrugs!
So much new!
Trend Alert - Oversized Eye-wear

Dolce & Gabbana Eye-wear

Chloe and Gucci are another two brands ready to beat the heat. The ever-so-cultured Jayme Sunglasses by Chloe are must haves to complete your Spring-Summer collection.
The rounds and the curves that magically cover your eyes will make you stand out.
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A good blend of colors never gets boring.
Trend Alert - Oversized Eye-wear

Karen Walker, Zac Posen Eyewear

Suki Waterhouse in Chloe ombre dress and Carolina Glasses

Suki Waterhouse in Chloe ombre dress and Carolina Glasses

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