Upgrade your wardrobe

Upgrade your wardrobe

Misha Lakhani, Zaheerabbas And Ayesha Khuram

When the sun is out, shining in your face and you see the flowers blooming, you know its SUMMER TIME! The world is not the same anymore, everyone wants to please their social circle, no one wishes to be left behind, so in order to save you from being uncomfortable in your outdated wardrobe we are here as your saviours.
Since the main summer months are arriving and the most awaited festive season too, we want you all to be aware of what’s missing in your closet.  Apart from the basic lawn fever that has struck every woman out there, we also have a running trend of silk.  The digital prints are available in both these fabrics that are known to stay vibrant even after several washes.
What a positive!

If you are still carrying long kurtis with loose trousers, you need to move out of that zone and embrace the fashion savvy knee-length (or short) kurtis with cigarette pants. Yes, that is whats ‘IN’ these days.  Every designer brand’s lookup has numerous pictures of how kurtis are paired with either cigarette pants or bell bottoms or palazzo.

Upgrade your wardrobe

Elan Lawn 2016

The heat is a killer so you all want to feel extremely comfortable in your skin and clothes, pick the right tone of color for yourself. If you are the attractive wheaty beauty you know what colors would add sparkles to your charm, similarly there is a healthy range of colors for fair fairies too.
What caught our eyes was the new urbane way of carrying your dupatas with your elegant designer lawn. You wont see it lying in the neckline anymore, the famous loved celebrities have been noticed draping them with a belt. Just let them fall on your shoulder and wrap up a delicate belt around it.
Its a total win-win!

Surveying a market can literally give you a headache in this season, with oh-so-many prints, dont feel confused and panicked. All you gotta do is pickup a good floral print, or anything that soothes your sight, there are sea shell prints, garden prints, beach prints, there is blue, yellow, orange, black; there is tulips, elephants, birds, butterflies, temples, just pause and pick up something that suits you best!
The highlight of the season, under the MOST WANTED banner, is the tulip pants!
Every girl is on a hunt to find tailors who will give their pants the finessed look. Black and white tulip pants are seen the most, there are cute little beads attached to the bottoms and the light fabric gives them a good flowy look.

These pants are most spotted with short kurtis and heels, although its totally your choice what to pair them with.

Sammy K Tulip Pants with Cape


Generation FPW16 Ramp Image Tulip Pants


GUlabo #FPW16 Ramp Image Tulip Pants

Tulip Pants by Ayehsa Khurram

 Stay tuned, stay gorgeous, stay up-to-date!
Lots of love fashion freaks.
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