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There is a sea of love in her heart
She will have your back even when apart
You sneeze she stays up all night
Oh child, she never wants you out of sight
She is a therapist, a companion, a teacher
By God, she is my most prized creature.
She, is my mother.
Second Sunday of May is here, Mother’s day is here.
Every store, brand, online page, groups, even face book display picture is roaring about the day. Its rather sweet to witness the love people shower their moms with on Mother’s day. But there is still something not right about it. A little thought that has been lost in the hype of celebrating just one day, a little thought that asks, WHY JUST ONE DAY?


Maybe you are miles away from her for higher studies or maybe you are married now and settled abroad, you feel her absence in person but does she not still love you with all her soul and heart? Would she be okay seeing you cry now that you are a grown up? Would she not make you eat forcefully when you are hungry? Does she not wipe your tears when you are sad? Do you not feel her hug when you feel lonely?
Her love is eternal, she is there, she is always there. She has not restricted her love to be expressed only once every year; there is a treasure box full of love that she opens up for us EVERY DAY, then why just one day for her?
Is it not unfair? (I know you are nodding)
Where everyone is super excited and uber occupied with confirming the cupcakes orders for tomorrow, or getting the right shade of lip color for her, or waiting in queues at Khaadi or J. to pay for her dress, Kashmir took a step closer toward raising the bar high!


What should have been a thought of EVERY ONE around the globe was only conveyed by Kashmir. The social experiment that was conducted won many hearts and they agreed #EveryDayIsMothersDay
You might not be cool with hugging her too often, or maybe a kiss on her cheek is too cheesy for you, but she deserves it for every sleepless night she spent just to put you to bed in peace.
What are you waiting for? Go hug her!!
“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”
– Rudyard Kipling
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