Foodies ke #GreenLight

Foodies ke #GreenLight

Mana lo food ka love withhhh? 7Up!

The most mouthwatering TVC on channels nowadays! Sure to make you crave for all the spicy and finger licking good desi dishes!
Nihari, tikka boti, samosay! Haye!
Food is complete under its green shelter light: a bottle of refreshing and cool 7Up.  The commercial portrays the real life of Pakistan and the lovable nation. Its a shoutout to all the crazy foodies out there, to the tangy taste of our desi eateries and the love for fresh sodas.

The commercial has put an end to the stereotypical image of girls. GIRLS LOVE TO EAT OUT AND THEY EAT A LOT. Andddd its pretty normal.
I, personally, am in complete love with the advertisement for this reason.
The “tragedy is no 7Up with Pakoray” part is spot on true. Monsoon is arriving, the pakoras season will officially be here soon, make sure you have an easy access to the taste of the season – 7Up.
If you work outdoors in the scorching sun these days, 7Up must be your abso-YAY-lute soda.
When you gulp and the mouthful cold liquid runs down your thirsty itchy throat, only you know what you have satisfied!
A Hangout at Dhaba with Friends, a panni poori competition with your siblings or a family gathering at home, everything that has food MUST HAVE 7UP. You don’t have to miss out on spicy food when 7up is in store.
What a Win-Win Situation.
 We love 7Up, for the love of food, for the love of soda, for the love of #GreenLight
Eat fuller, feel lighter.
Food is love, and celebrate this love with the most loved drink, 7Up.

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