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Go Active Carnival

Go Active Carnival

Go Active Carnival

Go Active Carnival

The introduction of technology has proven to be a great help for the human race, however, it has had adverse effects on the young children nowadays. In the older times, you would see children playing varieties of sports on the streets. In this modern era, children are seen less outside and more inside their houses with their noses buried in Ipod, Ipad, Iphones, tablets etc. It is as if they are satisfied with surfing the internet or Facebook rather than meeting up with friends or engaging in outdoor activities.

    It is very important for the children to get involved in outdoor activities, play sports like cricket or football on the streets so that they remain fit and healthy for their age. To work in this area, Cartoon Network successfully organized an amazing “Children’s carnival” which promoted the children & their parents to attend it, see their favorite cartoon characters and play different kinds of healthy games as well as socializing with other children.

    This carnival was very much enjoyed by the young ones. It was a healthy form of leisurely activities which children, nowadays, have been deprived of.  A proper stage was set up on an open ground where different carton characters, dearly loved by kids, performed incredibly. Numerous food stalls, for example Milo, Magi, Horlicks and Paddlepop, were set up. Games were also arranged which again compelled the children to use different tactics to win it.  A large crowd of children with their parents was witnessed and by the look on their faces, it seemed that they were enjoying to their fullest.

    Nonetheless, one major thing seemed to be troubling the parents present at the carnival. The performances for going well until Indian songs were started which wiped of some smiles from the parents’ faces. The cartoon characters danced on Indian songs rather than singing rhymes.  If this matter had been taken under consideration before arranging this carnival, it would have been much appreciated.

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    So, rather than handing electronic devices to the children, they should be encouraged to take part in outdoor games and interact with their friends more often.

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