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Mother’s Reflection on the Modern Household

Mother’s Reflection on the Modern Household

Lounging comfortably on the sofa, sipping through her coffee, this Mother’s Day Rania* is lost in thought and misses her mom. Thinking about the golden memories of her sweet ammi, her convocation photo proudly displays the joy and affection they shared. Reminiscing old times Rania realizes how her mother was by her side every step of the way, it was due to her unwavering and constant support that Rania was now a successful professional, married and a mother of two.

She remembers how her mother used to cater to her every need while managing a busy career and being the lone homemaker in an era with far less technological advancement. Back then in the times of Rania’s mother, it was probably a challenge to bring up her children but now with the aid of technology Rania stayed organized and prepared her routine perfecting the balancing act between work and family life.

Gone were the days when her mother used to come back home from work and gave herself away to the kitchen and household chores for hours at a stretch. Rania doesn’t need to do any such thing and still seems to manage her household efficiently by using electronic home appliances.

Rania just had to check out the latest Buzzfeed food video and assemble the ingredients to be cooked in her AirFryer Microwave. The food stayed healthy and she kept a close check on the calories her family was consuming. Unlike her mother who used to keep a list of what she would cook every day or ringing up Rania’s aunts and grandmother to ponder over “What to cook?”

Rania remembered that every Saturday her mom would sit with her helper and every week she had to direct her for the weekly laundry.It was a drudgery task which would leave her mom drained and ruin their weekend as a family. Rania on the other hand would put her favorite TV show to stream online while she sorted the laundry pile and then plugs in the washing machine to literally ‘clean her dirty laundry’ while she catches up on her favorite shows or spends time with the kids.

One of the perks of technology that Rania enjoyed most was the flexibility to work from home. Unlike her mother she doesn’t have to leave her sick kids home with a relative or maid and worry about them the entire day at work. Thanks to her laptop and the internet Rania is always connected and on the go in terms of her work, without missing out on the lives of her kids.

Juggling different roles from being a caregiver, home financier and sometimes a chefis what mothers have been trying to do for centuries.It brings tears of joy to Rania’s eyes as to how much her mother did for her every single day, till her last breath and what would she not give up to hug her mother once more today. Today she vows to be as amazing of a mother to her kids as she was blessed with…. Mothers are truly blessing, so this mother’s day don’t forget to hug yours because that would probably make her day!

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