Summer Style

Summer Style

Summer Style

Summer Style

Summers have come knocking on our doors, with its ever-increasing heat, compelling us to toss away all the warm clothes and replacing them with soft, thin and pastel-coloured dresses. Its scorching heat has made wearing fashionable clothes almost impossible. Almost. However, here are some tips to restyle your wardrobe according to this hot weather without making any compromises in fashion!

    The best part of the summers is that you get to flaunt your trendy and bright-coloured lawn dresses! The main focus of all your summer dresses should be their delicate, preferably simpler, prints with soft hues or flamboyant designs over neutral-coloured short kurtas. The vogue of matching plain shirts with loose, printed pants has shown a dramatic increase this year. Whether they are tribal-patterned or digital printed, pants go hand-in-hand with a cute top.

Kapray and Generation has some amazing digital printed lawn Trousers.

Summer Style 2016

Generation Chintz Culottes

Kaparyay Woman Digital Printed Lawn Trousers

How amazing these Chintz Culottes would look with a nude colored short tunic.

   Styling subtle toned chemise with paler pants or going with dark over light has made summers more stylish! We can take a Que from this Talented Designer Anita Dongre, her Luxury Pret Line has us swooning.

Say yes to handspun cotton with khadi details this summer! (Oh, and don’t miss that adorable pocket.) Link in bio 🔝

A photo posted by Anita Dongre Grassroot (@anitadongregrassroot) on

Love a slice of tradition with contemporary silhouettes? This Earth Story top is crafted from Kala cotton, indigenous to Kutch. Link in bio 🔝

A photo posted by Anita Dongre Grassroot (@anitadongregrassroot) on

  Appropriate shoes also play a vital role in the fashion world. In summers, wearing neutral or dark pumps, opting for girly flats or mastering the look of floral-printed wedges is the perfect way to do justice with your outfit. An amazing quote has definitely pointed out the importance of shoes, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a beautiful pair of shoes.” Thus, an eye-catching dress will be incomplete if you don’t choose the suitable footwear. Avoid wearing bright, high heals and wear delicately designed flats or pumps with skinny jeans and casual wedges with loose pants.

    Accessories are a summer essential. They can easily make or break an outfit without us really knowing it. Let’s take an example of a long, white shirt with jeggings. The best option will be to pair it with some nice shades with maybe a bright, charm bracelet to accentuate the whole look.

    Scarves have been underrated. In reality, wearing a light-weight, pastel scarf around your neck will elevate the whole look to a new level. Also, flaunting mauve, baby pink, yellow or sky-blue nail colours will add sprinkles to the cake J

    So, now you can avoid sweating or feeling uncomfortable in your outfit and adopt these ways to make your summers bearable!

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