Gift of Sight by LRBT

As we all know that the general conditions of disabled  people in Pakistan are really bad and  the lack of resources makes it difficult for their survival. In this era when people don’t do anything without consideration, LRBT is working hard to provide someone with the gift of sight, that too free of cost .  This Ramadan, one of Pakistan’s leading Eye care trust “LRBT”, provides you with the opportunity to do something good for the world by donating money for the treatment of the under-privileged. LRBT, in its 31 years of existence, has successfully treated over 32 million poor people who had lost their eyesight. Their motto is that none should live a life without sight just because they are less fortunate. The work carried out by them holds a very significant position in the eyes of Allah and revolves around the true essence of Ramadan.

Gift of Sight by LRBT

Gift of Sight by LRBT

  Ramadan is the month of blessings. In this month, Allah showers His mercy upon us and our deeds’ value gets doubled. Taking advantage of this fact, we Muslims should start performing acts of kindness with our fellow brethren.

     On 24th February, 2016, LRBT was awarded the “Certificate of excellence” in ‘Not for Profits sector’, which just shows how they are working for the betterment of humanity, NOT for money or materialistic things. In addition, they are charging only a small amount of Rs. 8000 for providing the blessed gift of sight! If a person is able to see the beautiful colors of life just because of your generosity and kindness, what else do we need in our life? It is very heartwarming to see this organization coming forward to help those in need of our financial and moral support. By this, we are actually contributing to the development of our economy all in all.

Just imagine the joy of the small children, after being able to see our beautiful world, the people around us, the bright colors… Imagine seeing a wide smile blooming on their faces… Just because of a small act of kindness!

    So, let’s all make a resolution this Ramadan. From now on, we can change Pakistan, show its true beauty to others, help the under privileged and do good deeds. Donate money with an open heart, stand in the poor people’s shoes to feel what they feel. You can donate by going to LRBT’ site, and clicking on the ‘Donate’ button in red.

For further details, you can always visit their website:

And their facebook page:

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