Interwood Mega Sale

Interwood Mega Sale

Interwood is considered as Pakistan’s largest furniture manufacturing company. It produces unfathomable varieties of furniture varying from office furniture, home furniture to doors, kitchens and wardrobes. Wouldn’t it be simply awesome to buy the best of the products at a reasonable price? Well, no worries because Interwood is introducing Sale!  the discounts are up to 50% OFF! Unbelievable!  Not only this Highlife Shenanigans has joined hands with Interwood and when you shop online at  using Promo-code HIGHLIFE@IWM you will get additional 5% OFF. Isn’t that amazing?

Interwood Mega Sale

Interwood Mega Sale

    This sale is applicable on most of the new products, whether they are room furniture or house décor, wardrobe accessories or kitchen fixtures. The enchantment and charm of this sale lies in the beautifully designed beds, the exotic dressing tables, the intricate carvings on the mirrors, the contemporary kitchen appliances and most importantly, the vast choices of gifts. You can buy most of the furniture on sale right now to decorate your house and give it a homier yet sophisticated look for Eid.

Interwood Mega Sale

Interwood Mega Sale

    You can also give a new look to your house by decorating it with little and dainty accessories like vintage mirrors, sleek and tall doors and small statues to keep your dresser lively.


    Were you once walking across one of the shops of Interwood and fell in love with a unique piece of furniture? Well, then you can buy that same furniture now, at a considerably lower rate and bathe in its glory, not only at lower rate if you buy it online at using promocode HIGHLIFE@IWM you can get additional 5% OFF.   However, the sale is not only restricted to the furniture! You can decorate your house with trendy items and make it your own personal gallery. You can organize your pretty stilettos and shoes on the “shoe rack” which is also included in this sale.  Arranging your ties and trouser could not have been much easier with the tie rack and the trouser rack. This way you will be able to avoid the painful moments of having to sift through your whole wardrobe to find a specific piece of item. Everybody knows how a dish washer can be a life-saver but is quite heavy on the pocket… In this epic sale, you will be able to experience the relief of not having to wash dishes that too, at a low price!


     Then comes that DIFFICULT point in your life, where you have to choose a birthday or an Anniversary gift. What should I buy? It should be of a reasonable price but on the contrary, should also look expensive. What would he or she like? So many doubts arise and you stand at a shop, contemplating your choices and getting more confused than ever. This sale will definitely put an end to this trouble! You can buy pretty, embroidered cushions; even digital printed cushion covers, scented candle stands, glass vases, impressive jars and lovely statues for your friends or family. The items on sale are the best choices for gifts and will make your life easier. You can also buy amazing souvenirs or gifts for your close ones to give them on the upcoming significant occasion, Eid.

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    So, what are you all waiting for? Get up, grab your keys and your purse and dash straight into the shops before it is too late!or you can also shop online at using promocode HIGHLIFE@IWM you can get additional 5% OFF. After all, these golden opportunities don’t always come knocking at your doors.

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