#LightenUpLives this Ramadan

#LightenUpLives this Ramadan
Ramadan is about experiencing the life of underprivileged, of worshiping Allah by helping His creation and by being socially responsible. Pepsi gives a chance to all of us to join hands and #lightenuplives of many.

 I can vouch there is an extremely talented mind behind the strategic management of this loved brand. Satisfy your thirst and eliminate darkness from others’ lives. Eradicating guilt from our hearts for not being of help to our brothers. Its as simple as buying a 1.75 litre Pepsi bottle and cleansing your money by donating Re1 to light up someone’s life.
Feel responsible in this Holy Month.
The new TVC is like a chant, Abida Parveen has added life to the already beating campaign in her melodiously rich voice and the heartthrob of the country, Hamza Ali Abbasi, has wounded a million hearts.  It goes without saying that Pepsi comes up with the brightest campaigns every time, unbeatable and realistic.

Last year the success of the campaign was heart-warming, we all can shut our eyes and recall the gleaming lights at night time on the very busy Sharah-e-Faisal, imagine the spark on someone’s face for the extra hour of electricity during cooking hours of sehri or a night before a tough exam.  We are sure more people will join the campaign and be willing to lay their part, who knows this rupee might end up helping your own relative some day. The deal isn’t bad at all, you get the chilled sip, someone gets light and fan.

Buy as many bottles as your taste buds and throat desires, or a few more just to help around. Be someone’s guardian angel, someone’s invisible helping hand. You might have a couple of reasons to buy a bottle and share with friends, include this one more and make the entire experience heavenly, religiously and morally.
You might have generators during blackouts, some people don’t. You might be sleeping in a chilled room, some people sweat their nights away. You might be enjoying tv or playing video games, some study in candle lit rooms. See the bigger picture, be the bigger person lets do it lets #LightenUpLives.
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