Liquid Gold by ALpha-H in Dubai

Liquid Gold by ALpha-H in Dubai

Liquid Gold by ALpha-H in Dubai

Once upon a Liquid Gold…

Long before it became an iconic global beauty must-have, Liquid Gold began life as the

brainchild of Michelle Doherty, director and owner of Australian professional skincare

brand, Alpha-H. Having suffered with a debilitating skin condition throughout her teens

and 20’s Michelle began a quest to develop a product which – instead of acting as a

temporary salve or quick fix – would actively challenge the skin from within; forcing it to

function more effectively and delivering powerful natural ingredients to target every key

skincare issue – from signs of ageing and sun damage to acne and pigmentation.

Refusing to compromise on her vision of a product that could bridge the gulf between

the cosmetic counter and cosmetic surgeon, Michelle turned to groundbreaking

dermatologist research into the benefits of Glycolic Acid, a naturally occurring organic

acid which, when combined with a low pH delivery system, triggers increased Fibroblast

activity, helping to spike the skin’s own production of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen: to

deliver a smoother, firmer, brighter, much more hydrated complexion.

As Michelle honed and perfected her creation through a series of prototypes, the only

thing which escaped her was a name which could suitably encapsulate this anti-ageing

lightning bolt in a bottle. When she heard a friend, a fellow beauty industry professional,

was considering Botox, Michelle impulsively asked her to try the product first and the

very next morning the feedback was unequivocal. “That stuff is amazing” her friend

enthused… “It’s Liquid bloody Gold…!”

A fifteen-year love affair was born…

In 2015, Alpha-H celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of this now iconic Australian product

with a year-long multimedia campaign: the ‘Liquid Gold Love Affair’. Reflecting the

worldwide impact of Liquid Gold, the celebrations have a distinctly global flavour: with

Liquid Gold cocktail parties for key press, retailers and online beauty bloggers in Europe

and Sydney; features and subscription offers in the pages of the world’s premier beauty

magazines; whilst in London, a fleet of iconic black taxis will be re-wrapped and

transformed into Liquid Gold cabs.

Liquid Gold by Alpha-H now available exclusively at Harvey Nichols- Dubai

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