Urban Veda – Daily Radiance Facial Wash

Urban Veda – Daily Radiance Facial Wash

Turmeric + Botanics

Urban Veda - Daily Radiance Facial Wash

Urban Veda – Daily Radiance Facial Wash

Urban Veda is not a brand that I have been familiar with but Thanks to TishTash for sending out these amazing samples of Urban Veda Daily Radiance Facial Wash &  Purifying Day Cream , I absolutely love the facial wash & it has become a true everyday staple for me. I use it thrice a day to cleanse and refresh my skin.

Naturally formulated to Ayurvedic principles, our Daily Radiance Facial Wash effectively cleanses and removes urban environmental pollutants. Our bioactive Turmeric extract brightens skin tone, while superfruit extracts are rich in fruit enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants to help counteract damage caused by free radicals and support healthy cell renewal. Skin’s natural barrier function is supported, keeping skin soft, supple and hydrated.

My Experience: 

The first thing you will notice about Urban Veda Daily Radiance Facial wash is the smell of it, it smells absolutely gorgeous, comes in two sizes 150ml  which is a full size and 20ml which comes in a travel set . The product is thick white gel like substance  & only a small amount of product is enough to clean the entire face. It effectively cleans the skin, removes makeup & balances the dry /red patches on my skin. It has Turmeric in it to brighten the skin, skin softening liquorice and collagen boosting Arjuna all come together to leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and incredibly moisturized. When I say incredibly moisturized, I don’t exaggerate , it does not rip off the moisture of your face & keeps it hydrated for good period of time.

Will I buy it again, YES I sure will  though its a bit on the expensive side but it totally worth it.

I’m definitely excited to try out some more of their skincare products next!

You can buy it from here URBAN VEDA

Travel Set URBAN VEDA 

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