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High 5 to Save Lives

High 5 to Save Lives

First of all, I would like to ask a very important question from all the devoted readers. What would you do to save a life? Which way would you choose and why? I am pretty sure that most of the answers will be somewhat like “We would take the effected patient to the doctor” or if this option is not feasible, “We will simply pray to God for his wellness”.

    What if I propose a very simple solution to this hypothetical problem faced by a person in daily life? What if I say that the particular person’s life could be saved by a “High5”? I am sure you will be bewildered and question my words. However, what I am saying right now is actually true! Lifebuoy, Pakistan’s best and renowned soap brand, has introduced an inspirational scheme.

    We may not realize this, but approximately, 1.7 billion children die due to diarrhea every year before they reach the age of five. Our prospective leaders, our nation builders are not able to survive this deadly disease due to a very common sanitary problem, i.e. washing their hands. Diarrhea as well as hundreds of other diseases are caused because of not washing hands with an anti-bacterial soap.

I can say proudly that Lifebuoy, for the sake of the betterment of our beloved Nation, has taught hand-washing with soap to 337 million people across the globe!To emphasize on this important issue, Lifebuoy has decided to hold a program to celebrate Global Hand-Washing Day at PAF Museum, Karachi on the 22nd of October, 2016. This program aims to create awareness among the people of Pakistan regarding how necessary it is to wash hands after coming from outside or, in children’s case, playing.

    In my opinion, Lifebuoy has done a great job in the contribution for the welfare of the people as well as Pakistan. Their scheme proves that if the unprivileged people are acknowledged about the hazards of not washing their hands, they will be able to protect their children from the fatal diseases, without having to spend an unreasonably high amount of money on their health.

    If you all whole-heartedly believe in this as much as I do, then do not hesitate to the join the celebration and voice your thoughts! After all, people like you and me can change our Pakistan!


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