Huda Beauty Lashes in Camille #16

Huda Beauty Lahses in Camille

Huda Beauty Lashes in Camille #16

Huda Beauty Lashes in Camille #16

I am sure you all know about much raved Beauty Brand Huda Beauty and today I am here to review their top selling product Huda Beauty Lashes. I have been using this particular set since last April 2016 and loved every bit of it. Just like a normal person I was extremely afraid of wearing lashes but these are extremely easy to apply. The best part I can wear this pair whole day long with ease.

Product Description:

Double stacked end-pieces subtly criss-crossed to create length and volume. Placed from the center to the outer corners of the lash line, these fluttery lashes naturally open the eyes, giving a mesmerizing edge.

Where them alone, or with a little liner, and you have a gorgeous look that opens your eyes, and gives you subtle drama—sans mascara!

My Experience:

As I have already mentioned this is the only pair I use because these are made for beginners and they are pretty easy to apply & takes a minute  to set .  I got mine in Camille these are more of an everyday kinda lashes as they look extremely natural and provides gorgeous doll like effect. The size of Camille is just that perfect, I didn’t need to trim it, it has the perfect width.  The best part is that these lashes are made of synthetic fiber as opposed to human, and they have a cotton band which is black and is not irritating. These lashes stick to eye so quickly and taking them off is also easy. Huda Beauty Lashes in Camille #16 can be worn up to 16 times but mine have lost their charm after 5th use. Every now and then lash hair falls off and breaks my heart.

Have a look at some pictures of me wearing Huda Beauty Lashes in Camille #16

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These babies come with the price tag of $20 , AED 75 yes a bit on the expensive side; you can buy a pair from Huda Beauty Site. Tell me have you tried these? What’s your take on it.

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