Rising Trend of Bridal Shower in Pakistan

Rising Trend of Bridal Shower in Pakistan

Rising Trend of Bridal Shower in Pakistan

Since you are doing it only once, you wanna do it all! And of course, you wanna do it right.
Full-fledged, fancy and grand.

Weddings started off from a nikkah ceremony and end with a family gathering for a valima reception. Simple was the key. But nowww, the bigger the better is the mantra being chanted.
Since there are more of young couples these days, their demands, their exposure, the way they want things done, likes dislikes, preferences they all differ.

So if some fine day, you step out for a lunch at Rosati Bistro and find yourself mesmerised by the pink and white floral decoration with props and photo-booth corner, glitter and balloons, cakes and a diva dressed in a flared gown with a pretty tiara on her head, just know that this girl is a bride-to-be! And the event of course is her bridal shower.
The trend is new but its getting newer by the day, too much improvisation with each bridal shower.

A few cousins, the bride’s sister and her mother would plan a bridal shower, get a mannequin, dress it, decorate the drawing room with ribbons and balloons, make snacks at home, order a cute simple cake, play some fun games, gift the bride-to-be some precious thoughtful gifts and have a good time together. The “DSLR wali cousin/friend” would be the photographer and all happy times. This is the family-version of a bridal shower which is now not so IN.

Today’s new starts with hiring an event planner, who is going to charge you some “not-so-cute” amount, the arrangements made are undoubtedly exemplary, a cake order which needs to be placed at least 3 weeks in advance, a photographer who will cover the event (not too pocket friendly again), MALE friends (coz obviously you cant have an-all-girls-time before the wedding), a fancy hotel/rented out garden/classy restaurant as the venue and a CHIC theme. Mothers don’t need to be a part of it, coz of course its okay if she misses out on all the fun, and she will be there during the nikkah anyway. The games are not important, too much waste of time (we all rather pose for the photo shoot and upload dps).
So you see how the changing trend is still changing every time?
But whatever makes the bride-to-be blush a little more shall be a good plan.

Everyone does it differently, everyone’s different is their right way! However, wherever, with whoever, but the bridal shower NEEDS to be done.

So chronologically:
Engagement Ceremony
Bridal shower
Valima Reception
(A year in the marriage andddd….)
BABY SHOWER! (That’s another new)

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