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Upgrade Your Style

Upgrade Your Style

Upgrade Your Style

Upgrade Your Style

   “When you look good, you feel good”. This is a very famous saying which you all may have heard countless times. After all, when you look good, you DO feel more confident and you are more likely to exhibit a positive vibe to others. Looking lovely isn’t just about following trends blindly and copying the styles of well-known models; it is about feeling poised and comfortable in your own style based on the latest fashion rules.

    Here are some of the vital tips for looking sartorially savvy within your own signature style.

Number One:

 Make denim your BFF. A good pair of jeans can change everything. Same goes for denim button-up or jacket. It is the best staple and a must-have for any woman. A denim blouse can make a whole outfit casual and make you look young and sophisticated.

Number Two:

Do not buy articles that don’t suit your body type. However much people may say that you can pull off any outfit with confidence, if you think that a shirt may look all wrong on you, then trust your instincts and place it back on the rack.

Number Three:

High heels can make you look self-assured. It is true that they can be very painful and can cause ugly blisters on your feet. However, wearing heels occasionally to make a good impression, for e.g. at a job interview, can work wonders. Buy only those types of heels which suit your style and are easy to walk in.

Number Four:

Watches are your pals. They are awesome. Period. They reflect your style and make you look professional. Invest your money in a good watch and it will last forever.

Number Five:

If you find a look that works, stick to it. You can define many people by their signature style. Some people like to dress in a plain pair of light-washed jeans with a white shirt and sneakers while others wear bright eastern dresses which suit them. If you find your type of style, then why not make it your “signature” style?

Number Six:

SUNGLASSES. Wear them all the time! You only have one set of eyes, then why not protect them in style?

Number Seven:

Frayed, ole shirts. We all have that shirt which we can not live without. We tend to wear it everywhere, at the mall, at a friend’s house, even at home. Brace yourself for the pain and… Throw. It. Away. Buy a new one instead, to revamp your wardrobe.

    These were some useful tips, if followed, would turn you into a fashion diva. Oh, and one more thing! Do not forget to clean out your closet from time to time to make place for new clothes.

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