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Hair on Your Side with SunSilk

Hair on Your Side with SunSilk

What a perfect, dream wedding would it be if it was held in a chilly weather with splendid jooras for each occasion, dewy makeup and mesmeric hair! Aaah!

That is exactly what Sunsilk, in its latest advertisement, does by demonstrating the glamour and beauty of weddings and how to make the most of it.
You pretty ladies are not just confined to dress up elegantly and gorgeously for your own weddings only! You have full and complete right to showcase your beauty and flaunt your sense of style at others’ weddings too! Which is why I am wholly and utterly in love with the theme and the ideology of Sunsilk’s advertisement which revolves around the wedding festivals.
Sunsilk voices the fact that how easily us lucky women can achieve our preferred hairstyles on wedding functions like Mayoun, Mehendi, and Walima using Sunsilk’s new pink variant shampoo, thick and long.. This clip features Hania Aamir, who is perceived getting dolled up for her brother’s wedding functions and successfully manages to recreate different hairstyles for three different days of the wedding using the one and only, Sunsilk’s pink variant shampoo, which gives an after-effect of soft, silky and strong hair.

Hair on Your Side with SunSilk

In her first look for Mayoun, she beautifully flaunts a loose and thick side braid which looks simple but with the magic of Sunsilk’s shampoo, gives a whole new look to go with her dress. In the second technique, she goes with the thick, wavy style with her hair loose and wild. In the last and final part, she bunches her hair to the side and adds a spark to the old fashioned style with her outfit.
This advertisement literally opened my eyes and made me look at weddings from a new angle. Many people do not have enough patience or even time to try out new hairstyles for all the thousand functions our Pakistani culture has invented for weddings and then in the end, they ultimately fail so they just give up and sport a plain hairstyle for all the functions.
I may or may not be counted among the ladies mentioned above 😛 However, after watching this advertisement, I felt that not all weddings are supposed to be a drag and lengthy hours of boredom! You can make them all the more exciting and fun by dressing up and pampering your hair into uncountable styles without causing any damage nor ending up with frayed ends or frizz.
So, all you enthusiastic ladies out there! Rush to your nearest stores and get hold of the Sunsilk pink variant, because, after all, your hair deserves the best treatment!

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