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Healthy With Kashmir

Healthy With Kashmir

After its last heartwarming ad on Eid, Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil has come up with another exceptional TVC that touches on our everyday family values and looks relatable to the core! Starting with a child’s innocent protest against having Bhindi for lunch, it continues to share how even we, as grownups, also disregard vegetables as soon as we see them, and more often than not, make excuses so we could skip eating them. Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil has picked this very sentiment and in an extremely radiant and effectively engaging manner, flipped it round on a 180! Because now with Kashmir’s oil, not only does food become exciting, but it also becomes something your heart immediately finds a craving for.

Healthy with Kashmir

What’s best about this TVC (except that it’s really tempting and has made me hungry for some fried Bhindi already!) is the important erasure of the bad perception we hold for most vegetables. Breaking the clutter of unhealthy food ads, this campaign focuses entirely on prioritizing health, and brings real vegetables in a way that they no more remain dull or boring. In a bright and brilliant presentation, this ad manages to make your mouth water, and is a perfect attempt to create a general likeness for healthy food.

With Kashmir Banaspati & Cooking Oil, that is both aroma-free and pure, it now seems possible that if cooked with the right care and love, and also of course with a quality product that doesn’t compromise on your well-being, even vegetables can taste heavenly. Kashmir Canola Oil is triple refined along with Omega 3 and Meta boost, and is free from any and every kind of artificial additive. It is nutritious, 100% original –and true to its word –definitely revives your love for leafy greens and fresh vegetables!

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