Wash The Label – Ariel

Wash The Label – Ariel

How often do we hear people, unfortunately us women, saying that she is such a teacher’s pet or “Boss ki chumchi”, which is why she has a higher status than the rest of her colleagues. What if she really deserves the position she is standing at? What if she really does work untiringly which is why she gets favoured by her boss the most? Even if that is also not true, why can’t we just learn to keep our opinions to ourselves instead of using them to wound other’s feelings?

My feelings regarding this topic are now being reverted by Ariel’s new campaign, WASH THE LABEL. This campaign voices the common troubles of all the women in our society who are subjected to humiliation just because they are “too perfect”.

Ariel Pakistan’s latest TVC titled “#Washthelabel”, accentuates the essential need to end stereotyping and passing false judgment on members of the society, including the ladies. The advertisement sends a powerful message across Pakistan of not characterizing people without knowing the facts which may be in contrast to their perceptions.

In its campaign, Ariel, a very famous laundry detergent, tries to aware Pakistan’s judgmental society about the disadvantages and painful marks left by their razor-sharp comments about a woman’s business. It is pretty normal in our society to label women who are doing well and are prospering. We should start understanding that the way stains serve as an imperfection or an unpleasant mark on our clothes, the labelling of women destroys their lives and makes them second guess their choices, in addition, lowers their self-esteem. Most of the women do this either out of jealousy or typical mentalities. Thus, it is time to #WashTheLabel and be happy for each other’s achievement.

In this campaign, Sidra Iqbal, Momal Sheikh, and Hareem Farooq, the talented actresses, talked about their experiences on how they also had been stereotyped by their critics but even then, they learned to stand firmly on the ground and did not pay heed to any o them. They discouraged women from undermining other women and instead share their happiness and congratulate them on their successes.

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