Get Rid of Your Glasses with HASMHANI

Get Rid of Your Glasses with HASMHANI

Get Rid of Your Glasses with HASMHANI

The healthcare sector is rigorously developing across the globe. It has not only contributed to increase life expectancy but also provided better opportunity to people live their life. We have been seen people wearing glasses throughout their lives, which I recall was nothing you can get rid of. Laser treatment is popular technique which has done wonders, cure deadliest diseases like cancer and many more. Laser treatment are also widely being performed for eye treatments. One of the thought, people with the blurred vision have to let go their dreams to be some of the professions like being pilot, army officers and many others. It’s a nightmare thinking that I have to wear optical glasses throughout my life.

I have heard about the laser treatment overseas that have helped people to get rid of optical glasses. It is miraculous to know that the people even with the 6×6 can get rid of glasses with the laser treatment across the globe without any side effect. Unfortunately, in Pakistan people are still terrified to undergo laser treatment for eyes. Scrolling down my twitter I came across with a hashtag HASMHANIS where I got to know about Topo-guided Lasik. After all the research, it was privileged to know that Hashmanis Hospital is now offering Topo-guided Lasik that can treat sight vision upto 6×6 without damaging any of the retina or lens, and if you’re also wondering what is Topo- Guided- Lasik, here you go.

A unique treatment that personalizes the ablation to the cornea—The treatment is FDA approved & its painless . It is performed using the WaveLight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device, proprietary treatment planning software, and either the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q or WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser systems (all Alcon). In layman term, Topo-guided LASIK is most advance treatment to date and Hashmanis Hospital is currently only one that is offering these procedures at affordable prices. As far as the credibility and track record of Hashmanis is concerned in LASIK, they have performed more than 50,000 LASIK procedures.

Moreover, this surgery only takes 3 to 15 minutes to get it done, without having side effects & pain as I have already mentioned. Also, for the people are not satisfied with the vision of their eyes, they can undergo this surgery to cure any corneal irregularities. I myself have gone through the live surgery on the facebook page of Hashmanis which I wanted to share with all of my readers who are still thinking to get rid of the glasses.

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