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Kapray needs to be in your wardrobe

breathes out a WOW
WARNING: Chances of falling in love

This brand came into being just recently but who will believe that after the tremendous success rate. It has been loved by the customers for bringing the latest fashion trends in their collection. Great perception since inception.
We are not going to play a guessing game with you, let us reveal (before curiosity kills the cat) that KAPRAY is the brand!
Got flashbacks of their great work from the past? Yea me too.

Yesterday was the mind-boggling launch of Spring 2017 collection. You will be hazed when you see what they have in store for you.
The event itself was so high-spirited, stimulating and worldly-wise. The arrangement picturesque, the crowd well-read and the dresses, we are still in awe.

If you’re looking for exemplary contrasts and artistic prints, Kapray has it for you.
Already favourited two myself. Very less of white, coz Spring is about colors. The brighter shades.

We believe that designing has the power of making something good look something great, and Kapray has definitely stuck by this technique. The displayed items have straight pants, flared pants, cigarette pants! The shirts have embellished borders, embroidered neckline, motif printing, use of net, the cold cuts, short flared length, straight knee-length shirts! You name it. Appreciable variety.

What we loved the most was the idea of not balancing brighter colors with softer ones. Yellow and orange, blue and red! Its good to see less of pale pallet.
For this one you need to own the art of carrying oneself. Do justice! Visit the store and we bet you wont leave empty-handed.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Kapray needs to be in your wardrobe

Kapray needs to be in your wardrobe

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