Pakistan at 70

Pakistan at 70

In all the debate to strive attaining economic development and balancing community development has become a hot topic for all of us. There has always been a need to understand about the real needs of Pakistan and most of all look into solutions that can improve our society. In Pakistan, there is still too much to be done for this, contribution of private organizations towards community development needs more coherent definition. Recently, I visited LSE Pakistan Summit which was a collaborative summit organized by London School of Economics and Aman Foundation.

The summit enlightened understanding philanthropy and inquisitions involvement along with the government social infrastructures to support less privilege society specifically education and healthcare sectors. For of all it is important to understand what Philanthropy is, Philanthropy is about the desire among promoted among organizations and individuals to engage in welfare activities through making generous denotations for the well being of society or any good cause. The summit specifically focused on entrepreneur’s engagement towards community development. There were some of the prominent philanthropist like Baba Ali (The Founder of LUMS), Hussain Dawood (DaweoodHercules Group), Fayeeza Naqvi, Zaffar Khan and Malik Ahamad Jala shared their experience with youth dynamic citizens. The event highlights contemporary issues of global engagement of Pakistan that impacts values, public knowledge, potential and creating opportunities for Pakistan which were shared by Dr. Mukulika Banerjee (Director South Asia Centre) and Ms Fayeeza Naqvi (The Chairman of Aman Foundation). The summit not only helped to know about the current issues in Pakistan but also initiated wider platform of discussion in which the academic research and stakeholders converse about their views that can be put forward for a progressive development of Pakistan. The summit looked into art and modernity of Pakistani Heritage which can be induces for social development. The summit ended with the discussion of wide range of issues related democratic governance towards community development.

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