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Khaana with Padosi Shan Style

Wouldn’t you get goosebumps down your spine thinking of living in an isolated area in your city? No houses around, no people, nothing! The thought itself is pretty creepy. We are social animals, we need to have people around us. But do we even value the people in our surrounding? ponders

Door bell rings, you open the gates and the old lady says she is your grandmother’s friend. You later inquire and get to know your dadi and this lady were neighbors once! “Whaaaattt”, you think to yourself! You being surprised isnt a surprise really, because nowadays we barely connect with neighbors.

It is about time that the essence of neighborhood should be revived. #Shan took a step forward and helped us all recall that you can share happiness with your parosi!

Khaana with Padosi Shan Style

Khaana with Padosi Shan Style

A parosi is not a burden, a parosi is a blessing! Make friends in the neighborhood again, like you did when you were 5! Share smiles, watch out for each other, don’t leave your neighbor alone. Didn’t we have those mini kitty parties when we were little. Gathering all the mohalla girls and sharing snacks. Why not now?
Cook something delicious and treat your neighbours.

When it pours, go out and jump in the puddle with your neighbour-friend. Going to the same event? Carpool with them. Watching a movie alone? Call them over. See them low? Give them a hug. Hear them celebrating? Congratulate them.

Your neighbors see you grow each day, from an adorable little kid to a beautiful lady. Respect them aunties. Havent seen the parosi aunty for a while? Visit her!

Don’t let the mohalla culture fade. Together we all can be stronger, happier and safer. Stay together, keep sharing and keep doing Khaana with Padosi Shan Style.

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