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VLCC is a leading name in slimming, beauty and fitness, and with more than 27 years of experience in different parts of the world, VLCC hasdefinitely stood the test of time. For those who have probably been living under a rock, VLCC specializes in scientific weight management solutions, treatments related to hair care, skin care, personal care and also beauty services.

Highlife Shenanigans was invited to try the exclusive weight management services offered by VLCC and we can definitely call it a great experience overall. Let us share the experience of one of our UAE correspondents.



Our correspondent was invited to try their weight management program which she shares, was a good experience although she was not given any advice of losing weight, but she was treated with their body firming service instead. Here’s how it was done.

According to the weight of their customers, VLCC offers different services. Not all services are of weight loss. Some are only related to the shaping of the body, burning calories, or 3D shape ups. All of their processes are purely non-surgical, non-invasive and free of side effects.

Starting with the first process, that was physical assessment, our correspondent was sent to a well experienced, personal nutritionist of VLCC, who noted all the information carefully, that was related to her dietary habits, her weight and any medical concerns. Following that, she was sent to another space where her weight, height, BMI and other necessary vitals were noted. With all this information, she was given a report that displayed her muscle mass, fat, muscle strength, and BMI ranges. After a thorough analysis ofthese, the service that was provided to her, according to her weight was body firming only, since she didn’t require any weight loss program.

The next step was to bring the body firming in action which was a tightening and a firming process of the muscles and skin using gentle electrical impulses, and which was quite a good experience. The process was completely non surgical, with patches applied to different areas of the body, such as chest and abdomen (or any part of the body that needs to be tightened. Our correspondent had a little extra weight from the abdominal area so the patches were applied there). The result that was being expected was a 600 gm loss of weight that was to be noticed from the very next day. And to be honest, the results were positive! We are so amazed that VLCC does not only talk but also show real results.

We became their happy customers and are definitely going to try its other services. We strongly recommend VLCC to all of the people residing in UAE to give it a try and have a body of their dream forever!

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