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How to take your selfie seriously.

How to take your selfie seriously.

How to take your selfie seriously.

How to take your selfie seriously.

Attributed to Zeina Abdalla – Founder of fishfayce.

“Selfie”, a concept that did not exist in our vocabulary ten years prior, has evolved to a daily use word making its debut as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year in 2013.

Taking self-portraits has become more than just a global phenomenon. Since consumer engagement is visually driven, Multi nationals and SMEs alike need to take advantage of the selfie trend.

Using this style of content capture can contribute to a brands ability to connect with a consumer. So how can you take your selfie seriously?

Zeina Abdalla- Founder of Videography, photography and social media solutions concept, fishfayce shares her top tips:

Get Personal

The more virtual our daily routines get, the more we crave for something genuine. Staged content looks great but the most effective way to attract people is by being authentic. Selfies by their very nature are personal and are an effective way for connecting with customers. A casual selfie of employees at the office or a related event can transfer more energy and authenticity than posed photos.

Put a face to the name

For a marketing tactic to be successful it must achieve a human connection with the brand. Using employees to build relationships with customers can increase brand relatability. Customers value transparency, and sharing the BTS of a brand can help create a powerful emotional connection. Prospects want to know that they are talking to real people, whom they like and trust, creating a similar bond with a brand.

Flaunt your followers
A customer posing with branded products works as a visual form of word of mouth marketing. A happy selfie of a satisfied customer is a genuine endorsement and vital component of a brands promotional strategy. Practically, customers are unlikely to generate content on a product they do not like, reward customers who endorse your brand by reposting the content. Offering giveaways and chances to encounter one of a kind experiences can also encourage customers to post selfies with a brand. Ex. Win a free trip to Bali with said brand.

Laugh Out Loud

Regular selfies are great, but don’t we all love to put on a show for the camera. Funny pictures catch the eye which is the main purpose of having a social media for you brand. Don’t hesitate to spice up your feed with humorous selfies and captions. Often embracing a brands corporate culture and exhibiting its quirky side can lead to genuine humorous content and possibly go viral. Utilize personalized hashtags and office memes to best get a brands content spreading across the web.


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