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Iftar with RoohAfza


Iftar with RoohAfza

Ramazan is that time of the month, in which we are tested to our greatest extent. It is the month in which we fast i.e. refrain from eating or drinking. Therefore, ending our long, exhausting days with something refreshing and hydrating is necessary.
From my childhood till present, Rooh Afza has been my faithful companion, especially in Iftar. Whether you drink it in the form of milk, or mix it with lemon juice and chia seeds, or top melon or vermicelli with the red sorbet, it tastes equally delicious and energizing! When I watched the latest advertisement of Rooh Afza, it literally transported me back to my youth, when my grandmother would always keep a chilled glass of Rooh Afza for me on the table to break my fast with.

Her recipes would involve falooda drizzled with Rooh Afza as well as Gola Ganda (crushed ice on stick) which would be slathered with this sweet syrup. I even remember the time when Rmadhan’s month would be nearing and all of us would shout delightedly, “Mama Ramazan anay wala hai, Rooh Afza le aaen?” Even our Iftar menus would include “ROOH AFZA, along with samosa, chaat and pakoray”. You could say that each and every one of my memories are associated with Rooh Afza. This video made me reminisce those times, however, I carry out this same delicacy with my children.

Rooh Afza is so old, that even my grandparents’ staple diet included this drink on hot days. It is still preferred over other new brands of juices, despite of the fact that its history goes way back in time. One amazing thing about Rooh Afza is that its taste still remains the SAME! Which is pretty hard to believe considering nowadays, each and every brands’ quality is deteriorating as the time is passing. It is also known world-wide and what makes it unique from the other juices, is that all of its ingredients are natural and healthy, which makes this drink tantalizing as well as totally organic.
Rooh Afza is and will always be my favourite marque in juices. So, I would highly suggest all the readers to try it once and be ready to buy even more, because once you will taste it, you will keep craving for more.


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