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Achayi Barhne Do

Achayi Barhne Do

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” Harper Lee
The new Blue Band “Achayi Barhne Do” ad has a strong message with innocence and smiles at its core and empathy as a strong punch line. It makes us all curious about what the kids are upto, as we see a child performing all his actions with single arm, exactly like the mother in the ad, but when the main idea finally comes out; it makes us all smile genuinely and touches our heart with its delightfully imaginative concept.

Achayi Barhne Do

The Blue Band ad brings forth a very sensitive issue with such gentleness that it is not only endearing to watch but very strong in positioning a clear idea. It teaches us that it is not sympathy but rather empathy that helps the other person, who is going through a challenge or a rough time in life. This ad has beautiful execution whereby we see that each child plays his part by hiding his arm inside his shirt sleeve, so that their friend (who is missing an arm) doesn’t feel left out, and they play together happily. This is a true depiction of “walk a mile in another person’s shoe” and surely by using only one hand while playing like their friend, these kids experience how this other child must feel. It makes us realize that with a little ingenuity and determination, anything is possible.
It is our children who will lay the foundation of an enlightened future tomorrow and educating them with these kind of imaginative messages will instill a responsibility in them not only to help but also include people from diverse background and people who are differently able so that the whole nation and society could work in seamless synchronization. This particular Blue Band ad provides the children a role model who they can readily relate to and it makes this ad even more effective for its audience. It guides our children to be kind and generous and not look down upon or bully anyone or think any lesser of an individual who might not have the same means as them.

Therefore #AchayiBarhneDo

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