Charcoal Cream Face Mask

Charcoal Cream Face Mask

Charcoal Cream Face Mask

Charcoal Cream Face Mask


Seems like Charcoal is the new IT beauty ingredient and We have found a way to use it in everything, Charcoal Mask, charcoal soap, charcoal shampoo, charcoal toothpaste and what not. I recently purchased this charcoal Anti-blackhead Mask Cream this is basically a Chinese version, I bought it considering it to be a korean but after the purchase one of my followers told me that it is Chinese. Anyways I was pretty much excited that I found it so easily and there is so much Hype about Charcoal Cream Face Mask  that I had to have it.

The best part is that I dont have big serious bad blackheads on my face but I do have them on my noes which are pretty stubborn to come out and there are lots of white heads on my forehead. I was determined to take out all the impurities in just one go so what I did was the biggest mistake I applied the cream mask on my whole face waited for half an hour to get it dry and when I took it off it did not come off of properly and it did hurt my face a lot.
Second time I was determined to use it in a proper fashion so I made the sections of my face and started applying it section by section and seriously the results were amazing and it was very easy for me also to take off the mask.  YES it did take out impurities, white heads and some black heads but some left behind but no matter what it actually made me happy on the second time. My skin was red after the removal of the mask but it settled down quickly, it did not cause any kind of irritation or itching on my skin.

In short it is a decent product for the removal of impurities, white heads  and some black heads form the face and for the price I just can’t complain. I purchased Charcoal Cream Face Mask  for PKR 500 from a local cosmetics store and there a lot of product in the tube so I am sure its gonna last a long period of time.

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  • Reply Khadija September 4, 2017 at 1:29 am

    I have seen this at so many local shops too, have always wondered if its origial or not.

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