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ELF Top Five Products

ELF Top Five Products!

ELF Top Five Products

ELF Top Five Products

The makeup world has vastly revolutionized itself in the past few years and new trends and better products are gracing the shelves. No doubt the high end products take up a vast part of our spending, but it is the more budget friendly products that the people often seek. One such brand that has been really able to woo the customer and work well alongside the fact that it is reasonable is ELF. Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004, the idea behind the brand was to provide better products at low price point to cater to a wider market segment and facilitate customers. ELF has been very successful in bringing out excellent products which has been widely recognized by the makeup artists and beauty bloggers at large.
I have been using the ELF products for quite some time now and have really loved them. Here are the top ELF products for me:

1. ELF cream eyeliner:
This cream eyeliner in black by ELF is one of the smoothest ever eyeliner I have come across and it has been one of my favorite products by the brand. It is so easy to put on and you can create simple to winged liner looks perfectly with it because of the creamy consistency. One really good point about this liner is that it doesn’t smudge and stays put and is long lasting on the eyelid (same can’t be said for the waterline application). It gives you that rich thick black color and it is really good for beginners. However, sometimes it becomes a little clumpy which is quite off putting. All in all it is a fairly nice product comes with the price tag of PKR 695 and can be purchased from here.


2. Elf angled brush:
I have been using the ELF angled brush for contouring only and I have always liked the results. It gives me a nice contour and good definition to my cheekbones and it is this one staple makeup product that I keep in my purse at all times. Generally I use it with my Makeup Forever HD contouring powder and it helps in smooth application because it is densely packed and works equally well with dry and wet makeup products. One really good point about this brush is that there is no shedding so you can go ahead with using it for a long time and wash it easily too with ease and no fear. It can be used for other purposes as well (talk about multitasking all-in-one kind of brush) like for blending out eye shadow or for highlighting. All in all it is one hell of a brush and can be purchased from here.

3. Elf HD concealer in shade fair:
I have already used three tubes of this concealer which says a lot about how much I love this product. This concealer is exactly my shade and it suits my skin so nicely and it doesn’t give that heavy look rather blends in well like a second skin. There are some days when I use only this concealer and I am out and about. The texture is very smooth and is very easy to apply and it doesn’t cake or create creases and settles well for long durations. One major drawback of this product is that it is available in only three shades (dark, medium and fair) and therefore some folks might not find their required shade. However, this is one product that I really love, and will continue to buy it until I found a similar perfect concealer. You can get this concealer for PKR 695 from here.



4. ELF Hydrating primer:
I faced a lot of problems in the application of Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation because when I used it, it would to get dry and difficult to blend. However once I was introduced to this magical primer, all my troubles vanished. This primer made it so easy to use that foundation and the results are amazing. It gives you a smooth skin to work on and softly moisturized dry skin, so that the foundation easily glides on and not only that, but everything stays in place and gives you a long lasting finish. So, for me it is a win-win product because it help me in using one of my all time foundation which previously I couldn’t use and it is my second favorite product . ELF Hydrating Primer comes with the price tag of PKR 1250 and can be purchased from here.


5. ELF Matte Translucent Powder:
Usually I am more into putting concealer for a fine finish but sometimes I use powder and this matte powder by Elf has really suited me. It gives my skin a smooth even out look and doesn’t give that white powdery look rather accentuate your skin color. It is very good for people with oily skin and takes away shiny spots appearing on the oily skin, giving you an oil free fresh look with medium coverage for quite a few hours. All in all it is a fairly nice product comes with the price tag of PKR 750 and can be purchased from here.

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