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The untold biryani kahani

The untold biryani kahani


The untold biryani kahani

The untold biryani kahani

No matter what the occasion, situation or circumstances are, it feels as if you can’t live to the fullest if you have an empty stomach. Whether celebrating a victory or coming to your home after Jummay ki namaz, all of us secretly hope to find Biryani waiting for us. If Biryani doesn’t uplift our spirits, nothing else has been given the power to succeed because, Biryani doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart. “Dil bolay biryani” is the motto youngsters live by these days.


When time refuses to tick by in boring lectures, office presentations or 9-5 jobs, people find themselves getting impatient since they know, the longer they are away from that certain rice dish resting in their fridge, the more the chances their siblings get to attack their food while they are away. Since they know, biryani cooked through the spices of National Foods will make their family secretly devour it and then blame them for leaving it behind unguarded!

Even though loved by many, Biryani seems to have one negative aspect attached to it! (No, friends, not the elaichi) It’s the time and devotion it requires in the making ( I know all the chefs are nodding) . For all of you out there who love eating Biryani, yet can’t stand in sweltering heat of the kitchen grinding raw materials for hours making it, National Masalay comes in wearing a cape, flying in pursuit to play the hero. Mixed and blended with twelve different rich masalay, it leaves its customers impressed. The time saved making it, can be spent playing ludo star with family and friends.
So the next time you stand in your kitchen fixing a dish for your husband or kids, remember cooking your food with Sahulat, with the spices of National Masalay. Since spending less hours in the boundaries of your kitchen and more with the company of your family doesn’t make you a failure it makes you a super chef who uses least amount of time and prepares the most delicious of meals. Let your family love you more no sacrificing on family time or taste. Where do you get such tempting sahulat now? #Lazzatbharisahulat #NotAFailure

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  • Reply Khadija September 4, 2017 at 1:24 am

    I agree with you, picking sahulat does not make one a failure.
    Very Well Written!

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