Escape The Ordinary with Nandos

Escape The Ordinary with Nandos

Escape The Ordinary with Nandos

“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw

There dwells a little foodie in all of us and nothing pleases it more than the satisfaction of taste buds with the best that the world can offer. Sometimes this little foodie leprechaun inside of us (or so I think it would be in appearances) forces us to try out new and exciting cuisines and dishes to enhance our palates. This particular day the leprechaun was shouting out loud because an invitation, for a carnival of sorts, had come forth from Nando’s. This invitation was inviting us to be a part of a “tasty quest” and me and my green friend couldn’t wait but see what all the ado was about.

So off we went to what can be said was a very interesting and interactive journey which comprised of a kind of a scavenger hunt which took place at different branches of Nando’s. All of us bloggers gathered at Nando’s sindhi muslim branch and here we were made into teams and we had to complete all the tasks likewise. From there we got clues and then went to Nando’s Khayaban-e-Sehar branch from where we again got clues and deciphered a morose code and then reached our final destination Nando’s boat basin where we were welcomed by Khurram Suleman, who is an Rj in addition to being a very nice and funny guy. He entertained us really well and involved us in different amazing activities while we waited anxiously for the food to be served. At last we were rewarded were these beautiful tender and succulent espetadas that were both delicious and rich in taste with a very pleasing aroma. One downer was that the activity was very long and time consuming, as others were really enjoying,  it was annoying to me because I am a mom of three boys and the activity had already taken a major portion of my day.

All in all, I am really appreciative of Nando’s for this unique idea which not only enabled us to enjoy scrumptious Espetadas but also took us on an amusing ride full of riddles and codes and ended in all of us having great fun.  In a way we did Escape The Ordinary with Nandos!!!



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