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Phone Soap – UV Sanitizer and Phone Charger

Phone Soap – UV Sanitizer and Phone Charger & a real necessity for mothers.

Phone Soap - UV Sanitizer and Phone Charger

Phone Soap – UV Sanitizer and Phone Charger

Phones can become a host for bacteria and germs that can cause serious harm to humans. Research suggests that on average a Smartphone has over 25000 germs per square inch! It is very important that phones which are an everyday use device are kept sanitary so it does not become hazardous to your health. From breaking skin out to causing actual infections, bacteria harboring objects must be thoroughly kept clean if they are for the purpose of making contact with skin specially. They can easily transfer from your phone to your body through your skin so it’s very significant that we keep our devices clean and sanitary.


As a mother of three children, it is barely possible to keep hold of my own phone when my little children keep running around with it; it is hardly possible to take time out to go through an elaborate phone cleaning ritual. But it was important for me for that reason also. I did not want my children to hold these devices with them all the time, since children put things in their mouth, I was getting concerned about always keeping a healthy environment for them. Understanding the importance of it after going through articles and watching a buzz feed video that highlighted just how dirty our phones can get without our knowledge since harboring bacteria aren’t really visible, I started looking for a solution. This is where my search began for something that could help me keep my phone as sanitary as possible, and that is when I came across phone soap which has become one of the devices I swear by. I instantly fell in love with phone soap because it’s such a handy solution for my phone problems. If I can get a phone cleaner / charger / phone case in one product why would I look for multiple things and waste my time? Phone soap has brought significant amount of ease in my life, since it does so much for only one product!

Phone Soap - UV Sanitizer and Phone Charger

Phone Soap – UV Sanitizer and Phone Charger

This handy little gadget allows you to charge your phone while cleaning it of bacteria and germs that might have accumulated on your phone, while providing a holder body. It has helped me a lot since managing time between cleaning and charging is cut as phonesoap does that for you! It is fairly small, portable and easy to carry. It lets you charge your phone while it’s cleaning and it looks really classy with its selection of black and white templates and is very aesthetically pleasing.

Currently there is a discount that is available for phonesoap making it sell for 195 AED instead of 295 AED! For its multipurpose use, this device can be bought at a very reasonable price, especially with that discount! Cash on delivery is also provided for customers, and the product is delivered to you in a short period of time. Rest assured that phonesoap will be one of our most satisfactory purchases as it is a use based product and it will make your life a lot easier.


Phone Soap can be purchased from Phonesoap’s site here, they are very efficient in delivering the device.  For more promotions and product information keep track of phonesoap’s Facebook page.  Have you tried phone soap?

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