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Get Cozy with Diners


Get Cozy with Diners

Get Cozy with Diners

Diner’s continues its accelerating journey to the top after releasing its winter collection 2017. With a diverse apparel choice, professionals, who are young and upcoming, to those who are older and established, can easily make the impression they desire. The shops are seen to be stocked with every male apparel that comes to mind; ranging from belts, Ties to shoes & suits. The variety and range the brand has to offer leaves its customers surprised.

Diner is a go-to brand if you’re referred to as ‘the choosiest’ or the ‘pickiest friend’; If you’re the kind who knows the difference between Byzantine blue and Bleu de France, the multiple shades in jeans will throw you off your game. (Trust me on this)
Not only does the brand focus on variety but it has been praised for its well tailored suits. The suits are known for boosting confidence and enhancing the style of those who wear it. Along with them, the brand also offers an equally startling range for ties. Diner’s has the amazing talent of converting men into fine ‘gentleman’.

Diner’s isn’t only recognized as being a suit’s shop. It also deals in female and children clothing; covering a large range of cardigans and sweaters from classic Irish knitwear to the latest knitwear trends that contain feminine designs that catch the eye!

Air hostesses are known to rush in last hours handing gents suits that need to be tailored into their own size. ( Got to know this after talking to a sales man, isn’t it interesting)
Diner’s provides the easy availability of suits and blazers for children in different sizes. Bundle up your children against the cool winds with the winter jackets and mufflers with the new warm and cozy winter collection.
This winters, dress to impress with Diner’s!


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