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Standards of Beauty

Standards of Beauty

Standards of Beauty

“Oh, don’t you worry little girl, I have just the perfect remedy for that horrible acne on your face”.

“Beta, use ubtan with milk and honey daily to lighten that rather… dark complexion of yours.”

“No offense, but you should start dieting because with that weight of yours, no one will want to marry you.”

    Now, why do these statements sound strangely familiar? They are certainly not euphonious in nature, then why are they so commonly directed at us females?

    The society has created this very stereotypical, unreasonable image of how a woman is supposed to look like. According to their narrow mind-sets, a slim fair-skinned girl cladded in pink overalls and traditional shalwar kameez is the “real” girl, and this is how every girl is supposed to look like. We don’t see science proving that fair skin is healthy or being slim is attractive (not that it is not, but what I mean to say is that neither being curvaceous is unattractive) then why is it ingrained into our minds from the start that being dark is equivalent to being ugly?

    It certainly is not. Each and every one of us are beautiful in our own ways (yes, it sounds cliche but it is 100% true). So what if you are curvy, being curvy is beautiful: so is being really slim (by nature) or being dark or being “too fair”. Society really can’t be the judge for who is beautiful and who is not. Afterall, the society is man-made, the mentality is man-made, which means that the creators of this mentality are ordinary people like us who just decided one day to put labels on a woman and make her feel bad in her own skin.

    That dark and stunning skin is YOUR skin, those gorgeous curves are YOUR curves, your short/tall heightedness is YOUR attribute, the exotic stretch marks on your body are the carvings of something unimaginably beautiful, no one has the right to label them as undesirable! Rather, what the society should encourage is to be kind to others, to work for the betterment of humanity, not to bring each other down!

    So, my sweet-peas, if you have ever been the victim of these comments, learn to answer back with a radiant and confident smile on your face, learn to stand taller, and learn to speak louder because you are your own warrior!


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