Watch Shoaib Akhter in Action in Pakistan Stains League


As you may have been brimming with excitement knowing that the Pakistan Super League is right around the corner, surely you must have heard about the peculiar announcement on Twitter made by the internationally known cricketer and one of the best fast bowlers, Shoaib Akhtar, in which he implies his return to the ‘league’ this year.

Seen by millions of followers of the famous cricketer, the announcement suggested the resurgence of the fastest bowler, who retired 8 years ago from international cricket, which not only fired up the youngsters of our nation but also made international news. It became the talk of the week and everyone was much excited to see the living legend in action in the cricket world. This overwhelming ‘return’ was talked about on many platforms and was even featured in the ‘Breaking News’ section of the many news channels.


Just as the Pakistan Super League commenced its opening ceremony, on the 14th February, the unexplained meaning behind Shoaib Akhtar’s Twitter post was disclosed. As it turns out, the entire announcement of the ‘league’ was by Surf Excel, which is the leading detergent brand in Pakistan. Everything finally started making sense once the truth was exposed. Using the hype around the Pakistan Super League, Surf Excel brought forward a contest; a league in which Shoaib Akhtar would definitely be participating in- the ‘Pakistan Stain League’.


Who knew that the ‘kids’ he mentioned in his post were literal kids who were supposedly challenging the detergent’s cleaning credibility whereas the ‘tezi’ was just a reference to the brand’s fast stain removing claim. And what’s more is that the event itself would be running parallel to the cricket tournament itself, which displays Surf Excel battling a new stain every week, so fans can love and appreciate both of the major events revolving around our beloved cricket.

So two leagues running side by side for weeks to come? It seems so. Double the leagues, double the fun, am I right?

Since the announcement is widespread, the fans are sure to enjoy both leagues as the events unfold for the next month.

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