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Screen Time – How much is too much?

Screen Time - How much is too much?

Screen Time – How much is too much?

Screen time is not good for kids, it can cause psychological damage, lead to depression and behavioral problems. Is it any good for adults?

Psychological damage doesn’t depend upon age, so beware you are at risk too!
Sitting behind screens and scrolling down the news feed is what every young mind is addicted to.
Social media has become the modern newspaper, the cool calendar that marks events, the most updated gossip girl and a vicious energy-draining system!

Have you ever thought of all the things you could have done during the time that you spent on checking out a friend’s facebook profile or stalking a celebrity’s Instagram handle? Well it’s about time you do.
You could have gone for a walk, you could have completed a pending assignment, you could have read up an interesting informative article, or maybe could have run an errand. No? But lost time is lost!

I wont say “stop using social media” because its too late and its not pragmatic either. But LIMIT the use!

Is it not true that your phone is the last thing you touch before going to sleep?

Is your phone not the first thing you search for when you wake up? Be it in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

We can spend hours watching a man cook a meal on YouTube to perfection and by the time we actually want to cook it for our-self we are like “nayy, lets do it tomorrow”! Why? because no energy left bro!
Be an audience to their strenuous work out sessions and when its your turn tomorrow never comes!
Don’t we all need to stop wasting ourselves on these social media applications and do something for real in real life?! Because virtual wont change anything. Trust me.

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