ReFest – Environmental Friendly Festival


ReFest - Environmental Friendly Festival

ReFest – Environmental Friendly Festival

Don’t you feel frustrated when you see piles of garbage, a gazillion plastic bottles and even half-eaten foods on the roads and streets?


Well, we are extremely excited to announce that WWF Pakistan has decided to launch an eye-opening event ‘ReFest’ to raise awareness regarding the above. In this event, exceptional singers like Umair Jaswal, Sounds of Karachi, Abid Brohi, Natasha Baig, Naeem Abbas, 21 the band and many many more will keep you on your toes! Along with a day brimming with music and joy, your favourite eateries have also collaborated by setting up hundreds of stalls. With delicious foods in your hand and incredible singers singing their hearts out, what more could you want?


ReFest recognizes the pure lack of awareness and responsibility as being the sole reason for landfills of garbage on every other road and vows to deprecate these activities and instill a sense of liability in the masses via this festival. ReFest took this huge responsibility by basing this event on the slogan ‘Eat, Reduce, Recycle’. In a nutshell, it focuses on reducing food wastage and recycling materials which one would usually dispose off.


The tickets to this amazing cause can be bought from the link: or even on the ground!  Moreover, there will be a spectacular display of art created by ‘trash’, which is bound to make you fall in love with this cause and contribute in making our environment healthier.


If you think that – with an event like this – heaps and heaps of garbage and waste is inevitable, well… that will also be taken care of by the use of eco-friendly tableware and a special partnership with ‘Waste Busters”, which will reiterate on the importance of recycling and will also set a precedence for the whole country.


We can not live without food and water, and since they come from the nature around us, we owe it to the Earth to take care of it as well as it takes care of us. So, if you care about the well-being of our Mother Earth and think it is high time that we make use of our existence, mark your calendars for this festival and Reset the way you Fest!

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