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5 ways for super-moms to recharge themselves

5 ways for super-moms to recharge themselves


It is troubling to see how so many beautiful moms start neglecting their health once they give birth. It is as if they feel that by pampering themselves, they would be labelled as ‘selfish’ and ‘self-centered’. But, here’s the catch; nobody thinks that and neither should they because self-care is extremely important! Since children imitate their parents, if their mothers do not unwind themselves and stay on their toes all the time, their tinnies will end up doing the same when they grow up. Hence, giving yourself a time-out and nourishing your body and soul with some me-time will keep you and your family happy!


Number 1: TAKE. A. BUBBLE. BATH. This is the ultimate mediator for me. It de-stresses me, loosens my tense muscles and makes my skin baby soft and hydrated. A gold tip: mix in some essential oils and put on a face mask too!


Number 2: Read a book. Whether it be romance, thriller or even a magazine, wander into the world of words! When I became a mom, I abandoned my hobby of reading books altogether, but recently, I have taken it up once again and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Number 3: Take a walk in the nearest park. Take out at least 30 minutes from your day and stroll through the dewed grass and inhale the crisp, scented air. You won’t be sorry!


Number 4: Go on a shopping spree! Not for your children’s clothes or diapers but for yourself. Treat yourself with a gorgeous dress or an exotic shade of lipstick or even some fancy shoes!


Number 5: Lastly, go on a date. Either with your husband or alone, but make sure that you eat outside, probably under a moon-lit sky. Eat whatever suits your taste-buds!


After reading all of these suggestions, I’m sure you all must be pumped to get started on your ‘me-time’ right away! Just remember, you gorgeous, hard-working mothers, you deserve the best of the bests and don’t you ever feel guilty for treating yourself well!

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