Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling

With unbelievable innovations being introduced in every sphere of life, we have become more adventurous and daring. From a traditional Chinese “Fire Massage” to the infamous Turkish “Fish Pedicure”, all of these have been tried by thousands of people. Why, you might ask? That’s probably because they like to keep their adrenaline level high and focus on the outcome of them.


We’ll introduce you to another innovative method of rejuvenating your skin – Chemical Peeling. It may sound gruesome, but it is actually safer and more beneficial than the ones mentioned previously.

Chemical Peeling involves a process of applying a solution to your skin which removes the top or dead layer of your skin. The skin that is exposed now, is new, soft, wrinkle-free and glowing. It especially helps in treating skin discolouration, scars and removes your wrinkles to a great extent.

During this treatment, you might feel a slight burning sensation (just like when you apply face bleach) for 5-10 minutes, in exchange for a beautiful skin. Since the new layer is sensitive, you will have to wear a “broad spectrum” sunscreen everyday for a certain time period. For some people, it might also cause a reaction similar to a sunburn. Hence, to avoid any harmful reactions, one should research thoroughly about the place from where they plan on getting this done, discuss their skin problems with the doctor and take precautionary measures before and after the procedure.

Now, the question is, do you really need this handsome, charming guy in your life who hurts you initially but then changes his ways and makes you glow with happiness? Yes, you do. This is because the consequence is more important than the journey. If you are guaranteed a silky-soft, clear skin from a reputable place, then this procedure is worth the temporary, bearable reactions.

Obviously, if you have a very sensitive skin or any other dermatological issues which might be worsened by this method, you should steer clear of Chemical Peeling. Since this is a procedure with potential risks, one should do their research well and consult a board-certified doctor before undergoing this treatment.

So, would you try this unique procedure to solve your skin problems?

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