Granny the new Nanny?

Granny the new Nanny?


A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.
As much as its true its questionable too!

It is an offensive and controversial topic to discuss how mothers from our generation dont fit in motherhood as well as our own mothers did. Our mothers were a true example of how a woman multi-tasks to the t.

Mothers from this generation are more career oriented, they are more ambitious, which is amazing, but at the cost of what?
Would your targets be as easy to achieve if your mother or mother-in-law weren’t as readily available as you consider them to be?

“Oh I drop my girl at her nani’s house at 8.15am and pick her up by 5pm”, thats what a mother had to say when she was asked how she manages work with her child. It might not be a very big deal to some, but could be a matter of concern for others.

The first question that clicks my mind in the given situation is whether this is a consensual scenario or not? Does her mother agree to the setting, is she even asked before making the choice? I doubt.

A grandmother (maternal or paternal) does love her grandchild from the bottom of her heart, i agree, but is that child her responsibility? Is she entitled to leave all her chores behind and be present for your child while you do your thing? Is it not unfair?

How the child feels is another story altogether but how does your mother/mother-in-law feels is what should concern you. She might have her own plans, may be she had to go out to meet someone, or maybe she wanted to go out shopping, maybe she is just too tired to run after a toddler for all those hours?

To drop your child at your mother’s or to leave him back at home is okay if you dont make it a habit. The child needs to bond with you the most and you need to learn to manage things accordingly!

Be considerate of another woman’s position. She might not be comfortable in telling you “no”, she might not be up for it and there’s nothing wrong in it.
While you work hard to be awarden the best employee of the month, or while you enjoy your time out with friends, or relax in a spa just give a little tiny thought to how you’re affecting someone else’s day.

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